Monday, May 30, 2011

A quic post!

Happy Memorial Day to all of you who celebrate it! I also want to give a quick shout out and a big thank you to all of the new followers that have joined me in such a short period of time. Thank you for your support! Also, just a quick update, I have been so busy with work, I have not had time to do my nails. I also have had issues with them,which I find incredibly frustrating,however, I am going to remedy this in a way that is most comfortable for me. I am not a swatchy person. I love reading the swatch blogs,because they have been the source of great many lemmings. I cannot telll you how much polish I have bought just because of swatches. It is embarrassing. (blushing.) Anyway, I am going to take some time off this week to organize some manis, and have them auto posted,so I don't have to take time out of every day. I hope you understand. I also noticed that blogger seems to have resolved some of the issues that have been plaguing some of us with the comments and the followers not beeing seen.

Again,thank you to all of you who have recently followed,and to all of my followers. Take care and have a safe Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Color Club Uptown Girl

I did this mani last night. Then today I thought about konading it,but couldn't decide what design to go with,so I left it plain. I don't really like the way it turned out. I only used two coats,and it still turned out splotchy looking. Uptown Girl is one of the polishes from last spring's Color Club Rebel Debutante. I like this shade of purple. To me it looks like a Gucci purple. You can see I put a label on the bottle,because whenever I get these polishes from Ross,they don't ever come with the numbers or names on the bottom of the bottle. They do put the names on the back of the box,though,which does help a little.

I've been catching up on my blog reading from my mobile phone,and have been seeing a few blurbs here and there about OPI having collaboration with the Muppets. Interesting holiday collection, after the one from last year's Burlesque.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink?

I DVR'd the movie "Mean Girls" a couple of weeks ago,just to see what the hoopla was about. I haven't seen any other movies with Lindsay Lohan, or as she now likes to call herself,Lindsay, since I saw her in "Parent Trap",which I believe was a Disney film. I liked that movie. And I did think she was pretty cute in "Mean Girls" too!

So today I am wearing one of the Sally Hansen HD's called Byte. It's a pale pink shimmer. I really like it,but wanted to spice it up a bit,so I broke out my Konad plates,and woila! I really didn't think that the flower image from plate M4 would even fit my little nails. I had to clean the pinky up,because there was a tail going past the cuticle. I am pretty pleased with the result,although I didn't do a great job of cleaning up around the cuticles in general. I use nail polish remover and a Q-tip,and that usually does the trick. Today it was a bit of a fail.

Sally Hansen HD Byte

                               And the flower with Konad plate M4

I hope to do more Konad's in the future. I haven't played around with them in awhile, so it's time to dust them all off. ( I really keep them wrapped in their plastic wrapper.)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A haul and pics of my furrbaby!

I found the Color Club Starry Temptress set at Ross. I don't normally like neons,however, this set is special because the polishes are neon with glitter. There's also a Starry Temptress glitter topcoat. I love glitter. Can't wait to take these for a spin!

Also, while I was sitting here playing Solitaire on the computer, my furrbaby decided to finally investigate something else I purchased recently. And when I turned around, I asked her if she was ready for her closeup! LOL! She loves to be the center of attention wherever she goes! So here is a cute pic of her. Her name is Amber. For someone who likes to be the center of attention, she doesn't seem to want to give the camera some face!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A leetle nail art!

"Leetle" for my little nails. :-D I did this mani yesterday. It was fairly easy, since all I did was apply my base coat and ridge filler. After that I applied the Art Club striper #61 Maimsy,from the Carnaval nail art kit, on the tips of my nails for a "leetle" funky french. And then I applied the little decals.After that I applied a top coat. I don't really know what the  name of these decals are,because they didn't have a name on them. I think their incredibly dainty and feminine though. So I am going to show you now the photos of the full mani and then a couple of close up shots of the decals. I hope you like it!

Thank you for looking.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Essence Tinka's Dress

I picked up this polish at my Ulta on Saturday. I was really surprised that there were polishes from this collection still left. I don't know when they were released, but I got two of them, this one,and another one,called Humpty Dumpty.Now I wish I had the other four shades in the group.  I really like fairytale themes.These were the fullfilment of a short-term lemming I had,after first having seen this collection swatched over on StephsCloset

So Tinka's Dress is a peach-colored, foily,glass fleck shimmer. I used three coats. It's a little sheer at first,but buildable. Both of these photos are taken in my office with a bright daylight bulb.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dermelect Launchpad Day 8

Here are photos of my nails after 8 days, of using the Dermelect Nail Recovery program.What I love about the Dermelect Nail Recovery system,is that I can use the treatment products and still wear nail polish with them. You first apply  the Launchpad Peptide-infused Base Coat,then the Makover Ridge Filler,then your polish,then the Peptide-infused instant Nail Thickener as your top coat.

 I am really pleased with the outcome so far. The moon on my left thumb seems more white than it used to. I couldn't photograph it well though. I did take photos of both my left and right hands,showing what I think is a significant improvement in the overall health of my nails.

I'm not really impressed with the length of my nails. I realized they take time to grow,however, I still have the urge to break out some false nails,so I can do some nifty nail art. Short nails just don't leave much room for that.I do have some of the Kiss Stick On One Day Wear nails. I could use those. They're easy to remove in warm water,but I would only be able to wear them once.

Oh, I wanted to mention also, that the cuticle moisturizing cream that came with the kit, is out of this world. So creamy and rich. I've used it twice , and it's a wonder I don't use it every day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sally Hansen Silver Lining

Have you ever had one those days where you felt all you could do was go around in circles? It seemed like all I did was spin my wheels. On top of that I couldn't decide which polish to wear today. It's like I wake up in the morning, I have all these clothes in my closet,and nothing to wear,lol!

I finally decided to wear Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in  Silver Lining. It's one the polishes from last spring's Tracy Reese collection.

 It's sheer in these photos. Used two coats,and probably could have done a third. What I love about it,is that it really does look silver in some light,and then in other light, it can look light blue,and even pink. I also love the brush on these polishes. It was a little strange at first,but I find it easier to apply the nail polish with this brush, and I also like that some other lines of polish,have switched to this type of brush too. Lately, I picked up a Nicole by OPI that has a similar brush. I think it should be the universal brush for all polishes. IMHO.

These photos were both taken at night,with flash. Above you can see it looks pink.

A bit lower light,and it still looks pink, but more silvery.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sally Girl

Here is another polish with no name. I got this for 99 cents at the Sally Beauty Supply store,and it was a B1G1 free,so I must have gotten around 10 or 12 of them. Anyway, some of thems have the name labels on the bottom of the bottle,but this one doesn't.

It's a perfect polish for summer, a nice blue-green shimmer, that reminds you of the ocean. This one took two coats, because it goes on a bit sheer. I took two pics.The first shows how truly blue it looks in the bottle.

                                      Indoors with auto flash
this second photo was taken with the flash on the setting with the symbol of flash with the circle around it. I used to think this setting meant no flash,but apparently it does add a little extra light.

I like the second pic better because it shows the true blue-green,that deep ocean green of summer!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Unknown OPI

Good evening! I'm a little late posting today. I can't believe it's already after 7 pm,where I live.

I am a bit of a dawdler. Dawdling over which polish to wear,first I thought OPI Bogota Blackberry,then China Glaze Tronica, then I decided on this one. It is one of those mini polishes from the OPI Señoritas collection,only I threw away the box,and the bottles don't have names on them.

So this one is a nice bright pink creme. I did one coat. Probably because that is all my little nails needed. LOL! I am so close to breaking out the fakies,it's not funny. I do not like having short nails. However the mini polishes are alot easier to work with on small nails,and there was very little cleanup necessary.

Here are a couple of pics...if you click on this first pic, you can see the crafty afghan I've been working on forever. I don't know when I will finish it. I thought it would make a good background for the mani.

I like it.It's one those pinks that is really cheery looking. It brightens up my whole day. Too bad it will be coming off very soon, in order to make room for tomorrow's mani.

Thanks for looking and thanks again to my new followers. I know that may seem repetitive since I mentioned followers in my last post, however, I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to know to that you are reading my blog. (Was that too sappy? jk) Teehee!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I LOVE Jellies and followers!

Wow! I have THREE followers already! And this is only my second official day of posting! Yay! I want to thank you for following!

Meanwhile, today's mani is a glitter mani. NYX Julianna is a yellow-orange jelly, packed with yellow-gold glitter. I used three generous coats and there is still a bit of visible nail line,but that's ok. I love jellies. Even if they don't quite cover the nail line.

 I think it looks fuggly though,on me. Especially indoors. The outdoor photo didn't turn out well,because of hazy weather.  I still don't think yellow is my color though. NYX Juliana will probably wind up being a good layering polish. Oh! Or maybe I can put some crackle over it! Yeah! That's what I'll do!

On another note, I want this blog to be one that get's updated every day. I have alot of polish to go through. Probably not 365 days worth,yet, but I was partly inspired by Daily Polish

I've read alot of  nail blogs since late 2009. When I saw Daily Polish in March of 2010, I thought wow! She updates her  blog every day! Amazing!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed today's post, including my  rambling commentary.

Until tomorrow.