Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nail polish spam!

                                      China Glaze In Awe of Amber

                                            Zoya Natalie

                                            Color Club Wild Orchid

               Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sequin Scandal

Nicole by OPI Play Fair

This is one of the very first nail laquers I bought after I won my blog prize. I have a few other Nicoles,and like the cute little bottle. I am a sucker for pretty bottles. Today I applied my first treatment of Launchpad (2 coats), ridge filler (2 coats),and then polished 2 coats of Play Fair. After that the Nail Thickening Top Coat. All of the treatment products contain Peptides.

Here are photos of Play Fair. It is a very dainty lavender with a pink shimmer.This photo was taken outdoors in the shade.

this photo is taken before cleanup, indoors near an daylight lamp. I used a daylight lamp during wintertime, to combat seasonal affective disorder. It's actually a Happy Lamp from Verilux. I could not believe I found the lamp at Walgreens,as up until recently I had only seen these type of lamps in the Verilux catalog. However, it's also very nice for taking indoor photos.

Chronicling my nail recovery

So,hi! This is my first post. I am not going to beat around the bush,and just get right down to the nail business.

If you don't have a strong stomach, I don't recommend you look at the following photos. I took them yesterday. My thumbs are actually the worst offenders, or offended,depending on which way you look at it.

I wore acrylics for an extended period of time and removed them properly,but then after that, I decided to give the drugstore press/glue on nails a try. That was during the holidays. The nails stayed on around three times longer than what the package recommended except for three that popped off and I replaced. After I removed the whole set, I found a ragged bunch of nails,that needed TLC. However, I was cluless. I tried some treatment products from Sally Hansen's Continuous Treatment,they were B1G1F at Ulta during November. These products did nothing to help strengthen,harden,or grow my nails.

Last week,there was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. I was near the end of a month long treatment with China Glaze Calcium Gel nail Fortifier,and I had added Biotin to my vitamin supplements. I had gone without nail polish for a whole month. Then my right thumb incurred a split right down the middle on the nail line,all the way to the quick. I was devastated. I had worked so long and hard, faithfully applying the treatment,and going without nail polish,and then this. Then a day later, the nail chipped in the split place.So there was a litteral gap in the middle of the nail.

My husband told me I was filing my nails too much. I wasn't aware of it, but he pointed out that he noticed I file them alot. We discussed it and decided that twice a week was enough,instead of 10 times a day,LOL! I don't know where my husband gets his knowledge about nail care,except from his own experience. And I haven't asked any pros what they think about filing. I have cut back on filing so much since last week. On to the pics.

                                   Left Thumbnail

                                        Right Thumbnails                                  

                                    Fingers on left hand
                                Close up of a nail that grew out jagged and in shreds a couple of months ago,unfortunately no pic of the actual shreds. It was horrid.

So suffice it to say, on the day that the split occurred, I went to the mailbox,and there was my Soft Surroundings catalog. I have been in the habit of throwing it away the minute I get it. I can't get over the feeling that it was kismet that I did not throw it away,and when I leafed through the mag, I saw a treatment program called Dermelect Nail Recovery System.

I thought about it. I googled it. I found in at the for a whole lot less money than the catalog.

The next day, I deposited my paycheck,and when I got home, I was going to order the system,but I found I was still incredibly undecided.

Finally, a few days later, I decided that it really was meant for me to try this stuff,so I ordered it,and had it within three days.

I hope that this chronicle will help someone else one day, if they should find themselves in a similar situation.

For the most part, I am doing this for myself to see what will transpire.
When I googled this product, I did see a couple of blog reviews that inspired me. One was by Polish Insomniac and the other review I saw was on Polish or Perish